Akshay’s Fundraising Update: $505.00 raised!


Jack: In the last blog post we told you about Akshay Shibu: a 12-year-old boy from India in the fith grade who currently has Leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. We had showed you a picture of our puppy Maggie, when she had just finished surgery. Like we said, we were scared for our puppy and we wanted to take care of her. Now, she is all better and we are very happy (also, she doesn’t have a silly cone around her head!). She does have a silly bunny outfit… but it WAS Easter!

Charlie: If you don’t remember, in that fundraising blog post, you saw our puppy with a cone around her head. After her surgery, the veterinarian gave her the medical cone so she wouldn’t lick her boo boo (her stitches!).

Our puppy after surgery.

Our puppy after surgery.

We were very lucky to afford the surgery. Unfortunately, Akshay’s surgery will be MUCH more expensive (about $51,000 – that’s really expensive). One of my best friends, Nidhin, is really cool. His Mom is no different. She created a goal for herself to raise $10,000 of the $51,000 just because she found out about a child in India who needed a bone marrow transplant (that’s the expensive surgery).

We wanted to update you on how it’s all going. So far I gave $50 of my own money while my selfish, but richer, brother gave $30. Hey, he made me into a cat one night while I fell asleep on the couch (see The Kitty Cat Kid blog post)… Jack, how do you like dem apples? #Payback!

But through our fundraiser on this blog, we helped Nidhin and his mom Sandy reach their goal by raising $425 more for a total of $505.00. Guess what? Nidhin and his mom raised the full $10,000 they had reached for. Want to know the best news? Because money has been starting to come in, Akshay’s family is able to search for a volunteer to donate their bone marrow and go forward with the surgery. But that doesn’t mean all the money has been taken care of.

We would like to thank all our loyal friends and family who donated to our fundraiser. Also, if you happen to be one of the many people who DIDN’T donate you don’t need a reservation… just click the button below. If you’re not sure which button it is, it’s the one that says “Donate!”

But thanks for visiting our multiverse just the same. When Jack and I visit India (and we think we will because we have a lot of best friends from India), we know we will see a healthy boy named Akshay!

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