Kitty Cat Kid

This blog post is written by Jack at 12:39am when he should be sleeping.

Don't Fall Asleep!

Don’t Fall Asleep!

One night, my dad and my brother were sleeping on a brown couch late Saturday night. Everything seemed normal. Except, of course, my dad snoring… oh wait, that is normal. My brother was sleeping with his face directly towards the window. The shades were open. The moon was shining bright that night. When my mom and me looked up at the moon, it almost seemed like it had whiskers. But the thing is, it really did have whiskers! We thought it was just an illusion or something so we went on playing games and stuff. Then while we were turned around, the moon shot out one of its whiskers at Charlie! Suddenly, something started happening to Charlie’s face. Giant ears grew and a red nose popped out. Whiskers sprouted across his face. And a small goatee grew- bright red. Charlie had become the Kitty Cat Kid! Legend has it that it was not the moon’s fault. It was actually the Cat Keepers… the unknown evil cat gang. They’ve only been seen by their shadow. I was going to tell you more about the evil cats… but that would be mean for the cat lovers. I mean, what if we want to do a fundraiser for cats one day?

Onward… the next morning, Charlie woke up not knowing that something had changed until he went to brush his teeth and saw in the mirror a horrifying site… the site of a kitten face, with a goatee and Rudolph’s nose, of course. He thought this was some sort of dream. He must still be sleeping. Meanwhile, back at the Cat Keeper’s Lair on the moon… “Oh no! The moon accidentally shot a creature from earth- wait, it’s our arch enemy- a human! I mean, those humans totally enslave us. I mean we don’t want to be called names like Fluffy and Cuddly-Bun. We’re hunters, man… or should I say cat? We’re beasts of the wild.” The King Cat Keeper would have kept going but one of his minions interrupted.

“Yes, yes, humans are completely unaware of their surroundings. I mean, life is more than just enslaving cats and other creatures for entertainment. Once I was enslaved as a pet and they named me Cutie Ball. Disgusting! Don’t they know that name ruined my amazing reputation for mice killing?”

“You’re a cat,” said another cat, “You don’t have a reputation.”

“Neither do you Sugarplum,” meowed Cutie Ball.

“Overall, humans are strange creatures. They kill and fight each other for no reason, but name us nice, sweet names!” snarled the King Cat Keeper. “Maybe we can use this Kitty Cat Kid to our advantage. YES! We will get him to find the secret lair of yarn balls so we can finally rule the earth with yarn.”

Meanwhile, back on earth, Kitty Cat Kid received a message about his new kitty status and mission…

The moral of the story: Don’t go to sleep too early when your big brother is still awake!!! Meow!

The Kitty Cat Kid

The Kitty Cat Kid



  1. Donna January 19, 2014 at 9:06 am Permalink

    Charlie and Jack– loved the ending to your story….. And the moral is right on!!! I’m surprised dad didn’t wind up with a cat face too! Mrs. Pedde


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