Portal Golf- Part One

This blog post is written by me: Jack. Story time. Once upon two seconds ago, there was a person named Ilorp who was the golf champion of the whole land of Homnaph. One day, very long ago, and not two seconds ago, Ilorp was playing against the champions of golf from the land of Senor. Ilorp was about to score the final goal and win the game when a rotten plump hit him. Rotten plumps are very heavy and they can push people. Ilorp fell into the golf hole! He accomplished this because the plump also shrinks people. Ilorp fell into the small hole. He was going somewhere different than he expected. He expected to be taken out by his fans from Homnaph. Instead, he kept on falling until he saw light. He fell through the light. He thought he was at a beach but he was actually at a swamp. Then he realized that he was in a different universe because there are no swamps in his universe. Suddenly, he recognized the universe. It was the Not-Swampy Universe! I know, I know… you’re probably thinking right now, “How can that be possible? If he is standing in a swamp, why is it called the Not-Swampy Universe?” Well, I’ll tell you why. Because I made this story and I get to pick the rules. Nyah Nyah Na Poo Poo.

Returning to our awesome adventure… Ilorp got out of the swamp by using an Iphone because electronics always annoy swamps (and kids who want to play with their parents). He got out of the swamp and fell into another hole. The hole looked sort of like the hole that he fell into earlier. Well, he fell into it and there’s nothing he could do now (and there’s nothing he could do later). This is because Iphones even annoy the future. When he got to the other side of the hole, he was back on Homnaph. Everybody was happy. Except for the champions of Senor. To be continued…